Dec 15 2021

Years ago I started a simple blog where I wrote mostly about whatever project or problem I was currently working on. But a number of years ago, I took the site down, primarily because of my day job. I’ve worn the hat of a CTO in the financial services space for most of my career at various types of investment companies. The job filled most of my free time so it was hard to find the time and motivation to write at a regular pace, but also some of the employers frowned upon posting or publishing any sort of content on the web that might be associated, however tenuously, with the employer.

But in 2021 my circumstances changed. I left my last CTO stint of eight years and decided to create a startup venture with a friend of mine. This has given me the freedom to spend more time on the things I’m interested in, including restarting this site. I’ll have more to say about those other topics in the near future.

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