A Shortcut to Scrape Trade History from Fidelity

Apr 06 2023

A macOS Shortcut that scrapes trade history from Fidelity's website and converts to Beancount's transaction format.

Finding Possible Solutions to Wordle

Jan 27 2023 python

A Python script to find valid words for solving the Wordle game

Plotting Time Series in Plotly

Jan 23 2023 python

Handle day and time gaps in time-series data using Plotly's rangebreaks option

Things Daily Schedule Shortcut

Oct 08 2022 shortcuts

Create a Task Schedule for Things

A Shortcut That Reminds You to Charge Your Watch

Oct 05 2022 shortcuts

Make sure your watch is charged up before you go to sleep each night.

Like, Wow! is now in the App Store

Apr 28 2022 likewow xcode

My app was approved the other day and is now available for download in the App Store.

Coming soon: Like, Wow!

Mar 31 2022 likewow

An iOS app that counts the number of times people say “like”.


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